The Perimenopause Reset Program

How to transform your Energy, Mood and Metabolism in 90 Days

Imagine getting rid of things like mood swings, fatigue, excess weight,

poor sleep, heavy or painful periods...

And feeling full of energy and happiness again.

  • Have you noticed changes in your cycle?
  • Do you feel “wired but tired” all at the same time?
  • Have you put on weight that you just can’t budge?
  • Is your sleep disrupted or disturbed?
  • Do you sometimes feel utterly exhausted and you don't really know why?
  • Are you feeling more anxious and overwhelmed than you used to?
  • Do you struggle to stay on track with eating and exercise plans?
  • Have you been told that there's really nothing wrong with you and just to get used to it?
  • Are you stuck in a "negative mindset" that you can't seem to shift?
  • Do you wonder if this is just how it's going to be from now on?

If you answered YES to any of these,  it’s likely that you have a Hormone Imbalance.  This often begins in your late 30’s and throughout your 40's. And if it's not sorted out, it can continue to get worse into your Menopausal years.  

I get it, and I've been there too. The good news is that you DON'T have to keep feeling this way, regardless of what you've been told. It IS possible to balance out these symptoms naturally and start feeling great again.

The hormonal changes that we go through at this time in our lives can also be referred to as "Perimenopause".

Perimenopause can last for up to 12 years before Menopause even happens. All the more reason to work on it NOW!

Any type of hormone imbalance can stop you from enjoying your life and doing the things that you love.

I'd like to show you how you can Reset your Energy, your Mood and your Metabolism over 90 days.....and start loving your life again.

About Me.....

Hi, I'm Leanne Stockwell, a Naturopath, Herbalist, Kineisologist and Life Coach.

Over the past 15 years, I've helped 100’s of my wonderful patients to reset their hormones and their energy and feel great again. 

The main reason I developed this program was that I struggled with the fact that when I saw my  patients one-to-one every 4 or 6 weeks, I didn’t have enough time to give them the extra support that they really needed to get life-changing results. I wanted to give them so much more, but time would not allow it, for me...OR for them.

The “Perimenopasue Reset Program" gives you the perfect blend of online and one-to-one support, and it's packed with all of the wisdom and learnings that I've gained and shared with my patients in clinic over the last 15 years.

Imagine this.....

Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling excited for your day beacuse you know you'll have the energy left over at the end of it for fun, family and even self-care.  Imagine sleeping better, and feeling so much more calm and grounded, even if you're in a "premenstrual week".  Imagine getting rid of bloating and period pain and not really even noticing that it's "that time" again.  Imagine clearer skin, better digestion and a body that simply feels good! Imagine feeling really in control of your body and your mind again, and knowing now that the journey towards Menopause (whenever that may be) is going to be SO much better......

How do we make this happen?

“The Perimenopause Reset Program" is a 3-month dive into discovering where you’re at with your hormones, your energy and your metabolism. Then we work on the necessary changes that will transform you into feeling physically and emotionally amazing again.

We work on:-

1. Balancing the 4 major Hormone systems in your body. These include your Female hormones, your Stress hormones, your Thyroid hormones and your Blood Sugar control hormones. 

2. Correcting any nutritional deficiencies

3. Reducing bugs, toxins and inflammation

4. Eating the right foods for your body and your metabolism

5. Stimulating your Digestion and healing your Gut

6. Building an exercise and supplement plan that's right for your body

7. Transforming your  Mindset and clearing any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

The Program includes:-

- Weekly Modules, Downloads and Homeplay  

- 3 x one-to-one Coaching support sessions with Leanne

- Review of Pathology tests

- A Personalised Wellness Plan (including supplements, eating plans and lifestyle tweaks just for you)

- Fortnightly Group Coaching and Mentoring

-  Mindset tools and Self-care practices

- Private Facebook Group and Messenger chat for support

Over the past 15 years, from working with 100’s of my beautiful patients, I’ve developed a successful system that truly helps women to reset their hormones and their energy and start loving their life again.

The Pathway

The 3 Steps

  •  Step 1 - REGROUP - know exactly where you're at and get ready for change 
  • Cause - we’ll look at the drivers for why you feel the way that you do right now. 
  • Clarity - we get really clear on exactly what’s happening for you personally, both physically and emotionally. You’ll learn exactly which hormones are out of balance for you, so that you can start taking control of your life again.
  • Create - once we know exactly what we need to focus on for you specifically, we’ll work together to create your goals for the program, as well as your personal wellness plan. 
  •  Step 2 - RESET - Bringing your body and mind back into balance 
  • Shift - we’ll start to shift your mindset, your energy and your metabolism so that every part of you is in alignment. You’ll be building simple healthy habits that will start to transform the way you look and feel. 
  •  Secure - this is where we make sure that these positive changes are going to hold. You'll learn daily practices that will help you to increase your energy and remain focused on your goals. 
  •  Self-care - is imperative for good habits and physical change to last. You’ll become your own self-care guru, and we’ll help you to clear any self-sabotaging behaviours that might be keeping you stuck. You will fall in love with looking after yourself, and self-care will simply become a part of each day
  •  Step 3 - REALIGN - Empowering you for ongoing success   
  • Mindset & Mood - here we focus on clearing any beliefs that don't serve you, and might be getting in the way. I will teach you how intentional thinking and connecting with your own inner healer is the key to getting any result that you want. 
  • Maintain - together we will create your personal plan for long term success, so that you can continue to maintain the amazing results that you’ve achieved so far. 
  • Magnify  - now that you’ve had results, and you’ve got a great maintenance plan,  we’ll work on some other Mindset tools that you can use to supercharge your energy and keep help you present, as well as happy, healthy and abundant.

Reset Your Cycle, Your Energy and

Your Metabolism in 90 days

How will it help me? 

The ladies who go on this journey with me have experienced so many amazing changes…’s just some of them:- 

  • More energy!
  • A more balanced cycle
  • A reduction in mood swings, especially before the period 
  • Less bloating and breast tenderness 
  • The ability to deal with  stress without letting it derail their life 
  • Stronger personal boundaries and more confidence 
  • Feeling much calmer and happier overall 
  • Feeling Focused and Calm 
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Losing excess kilos that previously wouldn’t budge
  • Feeling happier “in their own skin”

What Others Have Said

"Before working with Leanne I was dealing with feeling emotional, having hair loss, not losing weight at all and having a Thyroid issue which the GP didn't want to treat. 

I felt stressed, out of balance, I was crying every 15 minutes and had lots of aches and pains.

My cycle was irregular and I was REALLY tired.  

Leanne has helped me to get my Hormones back in balance, my energy better than it's been in years, and my hair feeling really healthy again!

My metabolism is better, I'm coping with daily life much more easily, and I'm feeling generally happier in myself!"

Kim - Brisbane


"Before seeing Leanne I was struggling with weight issues ... I was thinking about food 24hrs a day which made me feel very anxious and unhappy.

I was also very very low on energy and felt exhausted.

I had tried many many different ways of eating/diets even read some books on the subject.

Leanne has helped me IMMENSELY !!

Since working with her, I no longer think about food, I have lost nearly all my excess weight, I am full of energy and loving life!

The best thing about working with Leanne is how easy it all is and how quickly I started to feel myself change.

I can not recommend Leanne highly enough !!!

Leanne is such a BEAUTIFUL soul and I thank her so gratefully for helping not only me but my family and friends.

She is a wealth of information in her field and I recommend her to everyone !!!"

Trudy - Brisbane


"Before working with Leanne I was struggling with anxiety and generally feeling low. 

I had previously taken antidepressants to manage my anxiety. 

Leanne has has not only helped to manage my anxiety but also to live an antidepressant free life.

I feel more empowered to be in tune with my health, body, mind and spirit. 

My cycle is SO much better now, with no more sore breasts and PMT.

Leanne truly aims to listen and then deliver. 

Leanne has a unique approach to health, focusing on whole wellbeing and long-term management. 

I truly valued Leanne's calm and caring approach, truly personable." 



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