Metabolic Balance is a personalized eating and nutrition plan that helps you to:-

  • Shift stubborn weight gain AND keep it off

  • Reset your Metabolism

  • Balance your Hormones

  • Get your Energy back

  • Feel amazing in your body again

Your unique plan is generated in Germany at Metabolic Balance Headquarters.

Metabolic Balance is backed by over 25 years of scientific research by Physicians and Nutritionists.

We use a combination of your individual measurements and preferences, your medical history, as well as 36 blood markers (such as cholesterol, blood glucose and thyroid function), meaning that it is 100% matched to what your body needs.

Metabolic Balance is one of

THE MOST successful weight loss programs of all time.

The cornerstones of Metabolic Balance are:-

1/Supporting healthy blood glucose levels...and 

2/ Reducing inflammation

Both of which help your body burn fat efficiently and reach your ideal weight.

Some reasons why I love it

  • It’s personalized to your unique body…everyone gets a different plan
  • It’s simple and easy to follow
  • It helps you form great habits that last a lifetime
  • The results are simply amazing!
  • It helps to balance your  hormones 
  • It takes all the guesswork out of what, when and how much to eat!
  • It essentially turns back the clock and resets your metabolism to “fat-burning” mode

The Four Phases Of Metabolic Balance

Phase 1

Preparation Phase.  This is a 2-day cleanse, where we get ready for nutritional conversion.

Phase 2

Strict Conversion Phase.  This is 'where the magic happens' - we support changes in the body using optimized nutrition.  You'll notice some major shifts happening during this phase.

Phase  3

Relaxed Conversion Phase.  This phase helps you stabilise your metabolism so you can start to tune into your body's natural signals.

Phase  4

Maintenance Phase.  The final phase of the program is all about maintaining your great results - for life!

How long is the Program?

Our Foundation Program is 12 weeks. Some people may need a longer time-frame if they have more to lose, so we simply extend out the time-frame as needed and tailor the support to suit you and your needs.

The program is designed to switch your body from fat-storage mode to fat-burning mode.  

Weight loss of 10-15kg over 3 months is very typical, and most people achieve this easily.

What does it include?

  • Your comprehensive Blood tests and Report
  • Your personalized Nutritional Eating plan
  • 4 x 1:1 sessions with Leanne
  • Access to our fortnightly group coaching calls
  • The Metabolic Balance App so you have your whole  plan at your fingertips
  • Constant support from me, your Metabolic Balance Practitioner & Coach
  • Payment plan options which make your life easier


Check what our clients say...

I was at a point where I’d put on some very unwelcome excess kilos. I had tried various diets, but wasn't getting any results.  I was tired, lethargic and just uncomfortable in my own skin.  

After working with Leanne on balancing my hormones, the natural next step was to work on my weight loss.  I had nothing to lose, except those unwanted kilos so I gave it a try.  

I'm well into my plan and nearly at my goal weight. I couldn't be happier!

I'm sleeping better, I'm more energetic, and I feel great.  The program has taught me new ways to adapt my diet, and it’s helped me develop much healthier eating habits.

With Leanne's support and guidance, I found the program straightforward and easy to follow.

I'm finally getting the results I was after.  Thanks to Leanne, and to Metabolic Balance. It simply works!!

Janine D  | Accountant

When I first looked into Metabolic Balance I was skeptical that it would help, but Leanne suggested I give it a try.

I had brain fog, bloating and ached all over, to name a few of my issues.  I’d been trying to lose weight for years and nothing was really working.

At first I thought it would be hard trying to fit it into my daily routine, however I got used to the program guidelines really quickly!

I lost weight more quickly and easily than I ever had before.  I lost 10 kgs during the 12 weeks!

I no longer feel constantly bloated, my brain fog has cleared, and my aches are gone. I’m still following the guidelines and I feel so much better. 

I’ve had people comment that I glow and that I look younger. 

Thanks so much Leanne for suggesting I give it a try.

Leanne K  | Sales Assistant


I’ve tried diets before and I always give up. Will this program work for me?

I have so many people come into this program who have tried everything and have failed in the past. I’ve set you up for success by having a strong support element to your program. You essentially have me on tap for 12 weeks with the option of weekly Zoom coaching if you would like that. I also support you to address your mindset which is critical for success with dietary changes.

Is Metabolic Balance only for women?

Men do really well on Metabolic Balance and often achieve rapid weight loss. Men like the structure as everything is supplied including the exact proteins, veggies and fruits that are best for your body, your individual portion sizes, how many hours you need between meals – it’s that easy, no thinking required.

Can my partner do Metabolic Balance with me?

Yes! I’ve had a number of couples do the program together, and it can make it easier for both of you to have the support of each other at home. Your plans will be unique to you so there will be some differences but also enough crossover to make this doable.

Is Metabolic Balance purely a weight loss program?

Actually, it’s way more than just a weight loss program. In fact some clients use Metabolic Balance to assist with managing chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions and menstrual conditions, etc. We can discuss this at your free Connection Call to see how this program can help you with your health beyond weight loss.

Is this about calorie counting?

Absolutely not! Calorie counting is soooo last century! Your Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan (included in your Glow Protocol™️) has your ideal portions already worked out and there’s no calorie counting.

I'm really busy. Does this program suit busy, working Mums/executives?

I totally hear you on this one. To make life easier for yourself, I recommend taking a little time each week to do some food prep. The feedback I get from my clients is that it’s so much easier than they think it will be and that in fact they feel so much more energetic that it’s worth the prep time.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, absolutely

Why can't I just sign up? Why do I have to have a Pre-Screening Call?

Metabolic Balance is a highly customised program that is generated specifically for each client who enters the program. This is not a ‘one size fits all approach’ like most other programs out there, so I need to have a chat with you to make sure this will work for you. There’s no enrolment on the call and I send you an email after the call with the enrolment link only if you’re a suitable candidate.  

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