Mentoring for Practitioners

I'm Leanne Stockwell.

Naturopath, Mentor, Life Coach, Speaker, Mum, Wife and lover of all things to do with Muscle testing and Kinesiology.

I help Natural Health Practitioners step into their purpose, spread their wings and build the practice that they love, serving the clients that they love. 

Most pracs I meet want to help more of their perfect know the ones....the ones you just love working with....the ones you feel aligned with....the ones who make you feel energised. 

But they also want more time, more freedom in their lives, and more money. 

Does this sound like you?

I work one-to-one with practitioners who want to move their practice and their confidence to the next level. We do this over a 6-month period, with monthly sessions and lots of support within an amazing facebook community.

To book a 20-minute free Business Strategy session, just click the button below. In this session we'll chat about where you are now in your practice, as well as where you want to be and how you want that to look and feel.

I'll give you the 3 simple next steps that you can take to move you and your practice forward. And we can also chat about the mentoring program if it seems like a good fit for you.

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