Reset & Renew 14-week Program

By Leanne Stockwell
Hormone Balancing & Weight Loss
7 Lessons
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About Reset & Renew 14-week Program

Welcome to the Reset & Renew 14-week Program! This program incorporates your Metabolic Balance personalized nutritional plan, your one-to-one Naturoapthic sessions with Leanne, as well as weekly (recorded) coaching calls and content. Plus a little bit of homework to keep you on track each week.


About Leanne Stockwell

Leanne Stockwell is a Naturopath, Life Coach and Kinesiologist who has been in practice since 1999. She's also an NLP Practitioner and Metabolic Balance Coach. Leanne has a passion for helping her clients heal themselves physically and emotionally, a well as helping them achieve their goals and live the life that they truly deserve. She's the founder of Bio-MT (Biochemical Muscle Testing) and teaches Practitioners how to integrate muscle testing (with testing vials) into their clinics so that their patients have even better results.

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