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SMILE and other Positive Changes that you can make Easily

Oh my goodness, it’s week 5, and we’ve covered lots of great things...

So far, we’re doing liquid chlorophyll and starting to detox and have more energy, we’re drinking good quality water (1-2 litres per day), we’re eating really well to optimise blood sugar levels, energy and fat-burning, AND we’re throwing in some regular exercise...

How’s it going for you so far?

If you’re struggling, let’s talk on the phone....there is more we can do to help ☺

So, onto all the fun stuff for this week...this is all about lifting your “energy”, feeling happier within, and being someone that others want to be around....and some really easy ways to feel better when you’re a bit out of sorts.

Here we go...

  1. SMILE – I want you to go to the mirror every morning when you get up and give your gorgeous self a big, authentic SMILE (not a silly one). Really mean it. This is you appreciating YOU, and how special you are, because you ARE. I want this to become a habit, so that appreciating yourself becomes a habit to.
  2. Then, take that smile out and about...even if you’re having a bad day, I want you to smile at EVERYONE that you see (the checkout chick, the guy at the petrol station, someone on your morning walk, the grumpy guy that you see at the bus stop every day etc etc). And guess what?!? Not only will it make you feel better, it’ll make others feel better too. Trust me, it works.
  3. Go out and buy a cute little book that you can write in (journal, note pad etc). Let’s call it your Gratitude Journal. Put it beside the bed with a pen, and before you go to bed each night, I want you to write 3 things that you are grateful for THAT DAY. And you WILL find them, I promise. It also gets easier and easier to find them as you become more aware of how many great things and people you have in your life. We so often forget about the good things and concentrate on the “bad”, so this gets us in such a good head space to sleep, but also to wake up rested and happy and ready to face the day with a smile.
  4. Your Perfect DayThis is a fun one...get a blank piece of paper out and date it 6 months from now...and write...“It is (date)“I am feeling“I am with “I am doing“I am so grateful now that..

Do you get the idea? It’s a bit like a vision board and it’s your reminder of what you’re working towards but it’s very specific. Change all of the negative things you are feeling now, plus the yucky symptoms you may have and change them to the POSITIVE. Then stick it up on the wall, where you’ll see it every day. Then, whenever you look at it, you’ll be reminded of why you’re on this journey and doing all these things to get you there !!

Enjoy !!

If you need me, ring me on 0418 750 039 or go back to the home page and click on MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. This way you can pop in your details and we can chat with you online to work out where to go from here.

Leanne xx

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