"From Fedup to Fabulous"

Your Ultimate Guide to Balancing your Hormones

The 5 Steps every Woman needs to know  in order to "super-charge" her 

Energy and Metabolism, & create Hormone Harmony

Join me for this Free Live Masterclass on Wednesday 27th July at 6:30pm AEST

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This masterclass is for you if....

You want to feel calmer and happier in your own skin again

You want to understand exactly what's happening with your hormones right now

You want to start getting your Energy back again 

Join me for this free masterclass and you will learn:-

  • Why you feel Exhausted, Moody, Sluggish and Bloated.
  • Which Hormones are most likely out of balance for you, and what you need to do to rebalance them.
  • How you can kickstart your Metabolism and start burning more fat!
  • How to get get your Energy back and start loving your life again!

This Masterclass will give you some great solutions, and you'll also receive a free copy of my

"Food Hacks for Balancing Oestrogen & Burning More Fat"

I can't wait to connect with you!

Join me for this Free Live Masterclass on Wednesday 27th July at 6:30pm AEST

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About Your Host

Leanne Stockwell

Naturopath, Herbalist, Life Coach

Leanne has been helping her female patients with their Hormone, Energy and Mood struggles for more than a decade now.

She uses Kinesiology, coaching, Emotional clearing, as well as a vast array of natural medicines in her clinic.

She's a Mum of two, practices in Brisbane QLD, and is now happily thriving in Perimenopause.

Over the past 10 years, Leanne has become a Hormone, Metabolism & Energy expert.

What Others Have Said

kim - Brisbane


"Before working with Leanne I was dealing with feeling emotional, having hair loss, not losing weight at, and I had a Thyroid issue that the GP didn't want to treat. 

I felt stressed and out of balance. I was crying every 15 minutes and had lots of aches and pains. My cycle was irregular and I was REALLY tired.  

Leanne has helped me to get my Hormones back in balance, my energy better than it's been in years, and my hair feeling really healthy again!

My metabolism is better, I'm coping with daily life much more easily, and I'm feeling generally happier in myself!"

trudy - Brisbane


"Before seeing Leanne I was struggling with weight issues ... I was thinking about food 24hrs a day which made me feel very anxious and unhappy.

I was also very very low on energy and felt exhausted.

I had tried many many different ways of eating/diets even read some books on the subject.

Leanne has helped me IMMENSELY !!

Since working with her, I no longer think about food, I have lost nearly all my excess weight, I am full of energy and loving life!

The best thing about working with Leanne is how easy it all is and how quickly I started to feel myself change. I can not recommend Leanne highly enough !!!

Leanne is such a BEAUTIFUL soul and I thank her so gratefully for helping not only me but my family and friends"



"Before working with Leanne I was struggling with anxiety and generally feeling low. 

I had previously taken antidepressants to manage my anxiety. 

Leanne has has not only helped to manage my anxiety but also to live an antidepressant free life.

I feel more empowered to be in tune with my health, body, mind and spirit. 

My cycle is SO much better now, with no more sore breasts and PMT.

Leanne truly aims to listen and then deliver. 

Leanne has a unique approach to health, focusing on whole wellbeing and long-term management."

What you'll get from this masterclass...

A simple plan to start balancing your hormones and burning fat more easily

Clarity around exactly what's happening with your hormones right now

Stess-busting techniques that will help you to feel more calm, centred and in control 

Join me for this Free Live Masterclass on Wednesday 27th July at 6:30pm AEST

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