Detox Me Gorgeous

Our 21-day Detox and Metabolism Reset

It allows your body to gently detoxify and reset at the same time.

Here are just some of the results that my clients have experienced from the Detox Me Gorgeous Program:

  • A flatter tummy
  • Weight loss – up to 6 kilos in 3 weeks
  • Better Sleep, More Energy
  • Less PMT and Period pain
  • A reduction in hot flushes
  • A much happier Digestive System
  • Clear and glowing skin
    • A 20 minute kick-start phone call to answer any questions that you might have
    • Your "Detox Me Gorgeous" Step-by-step Plan 
    • Eating and Portion guidelines
    • Simple Exercise guidelines
    • Food lists (what to include and what to get rid of)
    • A daily food planner with ideas that you can tweak to suit you
    • A Trouble Shooting Guide with what to do if you’re craving sugar, feeling hungry, or having trouble sticking to the plan.  
    • A worksheet for recording your “before and after” weight, your measurements and  your goals for the program
    • Regular emails and support along the way
    • Membership to our Detox Me Gorgeous Facebook Group, where you will be truly supported within a community of people who care about each other
    • Recipes that you and the whole family will enjoy
    • 2 of my hand-picked Liver support/detox supplements that stimulate your body to release toxins and burn fat
    • A tub of my favourite (dairy free) Detox Protein Powder which also helps to boost your metabolism, support your Liver and Bowel, and nourish your Nervous system so that you can deal with stress more easily
    • Email access to me for support and help along the way
    • A program formulated by an experienced practitioner who gets results and has found the BEST detox products available 

    The value – $600…….Although it’s hard to put a figure on feeling great…….the truth is that’s it’s probably a lot more!

    The next round of the Detox Me Gorgeous program will kick off again in 2021

    If you would like to be notified the next time the course is open please fill in your details below so we can let you know via email.

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