What Our Clients are Saying

I just wanted to let you know how much better I'm feeling within myself since our last appointment. I started to notice it late last week, then over the weekend and definitely today. I'm waking up in the mornings feeling refreshed. I'm waking up before the alarm goes off and I stay awake - before I'd fall straight back to sleep or have trouble waking from sleep in the mornings. I've also noticed I'm not tired in the afternoon, like I was previously. The best way to describe it, is that I feel my energy is more even, no more peaks and troughs - the same can be said for my emotional state. I feel I am coping better and am not as reactive as I was. Thank you for your help & advice!


Before I started Leanne's Detox Me Gorgeous Program I was feeling tired, bloated and unmotivated, but wanting to do something for myself that improved my health.I loved the morning smoothie! I've continued with the protein powder, Coconut Milk and Blueberry combo as I've found it's the best way to start my day! I also enjoyed the support I received from Leanne and the other ladies in the private Facebook group, it was a great way to stay in touch, motivate each other and not feel alone in the whole process - women supporting women!I found my bloating reduced within the first week and I felt calmer and more in control of my health since doing the Detox. I seriously loved this program and have finally found a way of eating that agrees with my system.

Giulianna Stead

Leanne, I am so incredibly grateful to have found you. I honestly, FINALLY, feel like I am making progress and that's a huge statement considering I have been to umpteen GP's (both alternative and mainstream), TCM's, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists etc. and spent thousands of (unclaimable!) dollars trying to right my body and feel vaguely human again. I was struggling so much up until last week, when I knew I needed your help to go on. Sounds dramatic but it's true. I was an absolute mess, hitting rock bottom. Your listening, caring, practitioner and prescribing was EXACTLY the right mix for me and I can't believe the difference in just one day and still now five days later. Thank you on so many levels xxxx


Leanne's Workshop was easy to understand and full of information. I didn't realise how much your hormones can affect your body. Looking forward to my one on one appointment now to see if Leanne is able to help me sort out my issues.


Leanne is a caring and experienced naturopath who has supported me for several years. I am now free of a long-term health issue due to a series of Kinesiology treatments which addressed the cause rather than the symptom. We are currently addressing long-term back pain which is starting to resolve. This practice supports my philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive about my health.

Corporate Coach

The workshop was very informative and I felt Leanne was very warm and welcoming. The impact hormones can have on your health was a major insight. I am looking forward to my 1:1 on Saturday.

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