Clear Emotional Blocks and Triggers

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

I have been using this Kinesiology / Emotional Clearing technique now for several years and my clients get such amazing results from it!

It clears emotional blocks, traumas and other triggers that may be preventing you from moving forward with your life, your happiness and your health. It's also painless, simple, and fast.

So, what's NET all about?

When we experience negative events at any time in our lives, there will be a "stress response" that takes place and an emotion which is triggered, such as fear, anger, grief, sadness, frustration etc.

Often our body fails to "let go" of these responses and they become "stored" in the organs, nervous system, and the meridians. These "stored" stress responses are often what cause us to have unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviours, destructive beliefs, phobias and even physical problems that we can't seem to get to the bottom of.

This is where NET comes to the rescue. A Stress response doesn't just live in our brain. It will usually always have an effect somewhere else in the body. Ever had butterflies in your stomach when you were worried or fearful? This is just a simple example of how a stress response can affect us physically as well as emotionally.

How does it work?

A simple muscle testing technique is used to determine what the stress response is related to, where it resides in your body, and what emotion has caused it. We often find that a current issue (eg- a negative self-belief or an issue with a loved one) is being triggered by an earlier event in which a similar emotion or "stress response" was involved (eg - a negative childhood event involving a parent or sibling).

Firstly, we clear the stress response or "blocked emotion" through a simple process of spinal tapping, breathing and holding specific organ and meridian points.

Secondly, we then test (using muscle testing) whether the body also needs a nutritional or homeopathic remedy, or even a physical correction. If a physical correction is needed (eg - a case of chronic back pain) then we will refer to a trusted physical therapist.

This process can be done over and over, with different issues and emotions.

I find that when we start doing NET and clearing blocked emotions that it's like peeling the layers off an onion.....each time we go a little deeper and clear more and more.

It's a wonderful way to get rid of "emotional baggage", and many clients report feeling lighter and more peaceful after an NET a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

The Benefits of NET

  • Helps to clear negative self-beliefs
  • Helps you to positively change important relationships in your life and make them stronger
  • Takes your health to the next level by clearing emotional blocks and stresses that affect you physically
  • Helps to clear phobias and fears that can be holding you back

Many of us have experienced trauma and negative events in our lives and sometimes we don't even remember it. But the body does. These things can hold us back physically and emotionally. What I love about NET is that while Naturopathic medicine deals very much with changing our biochemistry and our physical state of wellbeing, NET is able to strengthen our emotional wellbeing, and this is very powerful.

For more info on NET and it's beginnings, click HERE

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