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Mar 18

What My Eating Disorder Taught Me….Decades Later!

By Leanne Stockwell

I’ve been on a journey over the past 12 months of self -discovery, with a little self-healing sprinkled in along the way…….. In the true spirit of an over-achiever, I’ve done a Relationships course, I’ve been a part of a business coaching group that also works on mindset, and I’ve done a series of emotional clearing/chakra […]

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Jul 14

Why Do We Need Sugar So Much?

By Leanne Stockwell | Metabolism

  I’ve been loving my recent “I Quit Sugar” book purchase (by Sarah Wilson)….but it gets me to thinking….why are we so attached to sugar? Why the cravings? The binges? That absolute need that only sugar or carbs will seem to fix? I know sugar is IN everything these days, and it’s apparently more addictive than […]

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