About Leanne Stockwell

Hi Beautifuls! I’m Leanne. 

I'm a Naturopath, Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Speaker, Mentor and Coach and lover of all things to do with Healing and Wellness.

WHY a career in Natural Medicine for me?

When I was growing up, my Mum (who was a very busy Emergency and Recovery department Registered Nurse) had a cupboard full of "natural stuff", and was often reading about herbs, vitamins, different supplements, Tai Chi, pressure points etc.

She also took me to an amazing (and pretty “left field”) chiropractor who cured me of tonsillitis when I was 13.

The upshot of all this was that I grew up with an understanding of Natural Medicine and an unshakeable belief that it worked….really well.

Anyhoo, I went off to do a business degree (what the !?!) and started working in retail and marketing. Afer a few years I realised that something was missing (no kidding!).

 I really wanted to follow my passion – Natural Medicine. 

So I packed up and moved to BrisVegas in 1993 to study Naturopathy, Massage, Nutrition, Kinesiology and finally Coaching…..and here I am.

I completed my studies in Natural Medicine and have now been practicing in Brisbane for over 20 years.

As a practitioner, I use my Naturopathic knowledge as well as my skills in Kinesiology (muscle testing) to get to the CAUSE of your health issues and get you back to being HEALTHY and feeling amazing again as quickly as possible. 

As you probably know, when our bodies are unwell and out of balance, it’s not always just on a physical or a biochemical level. Often, our emotions and our minds are involved, and play an important role in our health. Clearing Emotional triggers, traumas and "baggage" as well as working on the mind, is hugely important.

So...if you work with me, we'll most likely be working on these things along the way.

One of my greatest loves and greatest tools is Kinesiology. It helps me to pinpoint and treat many disorders in a more effective way. It shows us what’s happening for you personally, and also what the priority treatments and supplements are for you. The result is that you feel better much more quickly. This means fewer pills and potions AND less expense, not to mention a quicker result for you !!

I have a passion for working with women and am known for my work in the areas of Hormone imbalance, Thyroid disorders, Allergies, Digestive issues, Fatigue, Anxiety and Stress. I also love working with children and getting to the bottom of their allergies and behavioural challenges.

As a Naturopath with many years of experience, and also a coach, my newest passion is helping other Natural Health practitioners to grow their practice and become amazingly successful.....working with the clients that they love and can help the most.