Reset Me Happy

A 21-day Metabolism & Hormone Reset

It assists your Metabolism, your Hormones and  your Nervous system to gently reset, so that you can feel calm, full of energy and balanced again!

Here are just some of the results that my amazing clients have experienced from the 21-day Reset Program:-

  • Feeling a LOT more calm and happy
  • No more mood swings
  • A flatter tummy
  • Weight loss – up to 6 kilos in 3 weeks
  • Better Sleep, More Energy
  • Less PMT and Period pain
  • A reduction in hot flushes
  • Much happier Digestion
  • Clear and glowing skin
  • Here's what you get.....

    • Your "Reset Me Happy"  plan - what to do and what to expect along the way.
    • Eating and Portion guidelines.
    • Simple Exercise guidelines.
    • Food lists (what to include and what to get rid of).
    • A daily food planner with ideas that you can tweak to suit you.
    • A Trouble Shooting Guide with what to do if you’re craving sugar, feeling hungry, low in energy or just "out of sorts".  
    • A worksheet for recording your “before and after” weight, your measurements and  your goals for the program.
    • A Food and Mood Diary to complete before and after the program so you can see your results and what's changed for you.
    • Membership to our Reset Me Happy Private Facebook Group, where you will learn all about balancing your Hormones, and have the support of a  community of women who care about each other. It's harder (and much less fun) to do things on your own, and research tells us that your results will at least double when you have the accountability of a supportive group.
    • Recipes that you and the whole family will enjoy.
    • Supplement suggestions to support your journey and the ability to order these and have them sent to you asap.
    • Email access to me for support and help along the way.
    • A program formulated by an experienced practitioner who gets results for herself and 100's of her clients.  

    I enrolled in this course to settle my hormones somewhat, but have come out the other end with so much more! I've lost weight and my clothes are fitting better. I do feel so much better, lighter even. Right now, mid-cycle, I'm not cranky or teary and my husband thanks you!
    I've learnt heaps about food...some of which I probably knew but never acted on. I don't feel like sugar fixes, I still have a sweet tooth, but choose differently now.
    So bring on the Maintenance Plan! Thank you for all your support and great ideas. Great program Leanne!


    Before working with Leanne I was feeling bloated, unmotivated and really frustrated. I was putting on weight and my PMT felt like it was getting worse! Her support was great and my food plan was really easy to follow! My moods are SO much better now, my bloated tummy is gone and I've got my energy back!


    Before doing the Reset Me Happy Program with Leanne I felt really stressed. I was sleeping badly, I was falling asleep in the afternoons at my desk and craving sugar all the time. My period had become more painful and I was getting heaps of bloating. During the program I lost 4 kilos and stopped all of my sugar cravings. I'm sleeping better now and am much more in control of my stress levels. I learnt some simple techniques for self-care from Leanne and I'm looking after myself so much better these days!

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    Your investment – $97

    Reset Me Happy will be running again soon.

    Just pop your details in below and we'll let you know when it's happening!