Helping you to balance your hormones and transform your energy, your mind and your metabolism

You deserve to feel your absolute best, and enjoy this wonderful life, right now!

Hi, I'm Leanne Stockwell. Naturopath, Life Coach, Business Mentor and Teacher.

I help you to...

◇ Have more energy

◇ Feel calmer and happier in your own skin

◇ Burn fat more easily

◇ Have a pain-free cycle

◇ Enjoy deeper and more restful sleep

◇ Have an amazing relationship with yourself and the ones you love

I love helping you take control of...

◇ Thyroid conditions

◇ Hormonal Imbalance

◇ Stubborn Weight gain

◇ Fatigue and Exhaustion

◇ Digestive issues

◇ Stress and Anxiety

◇ Limiting beliefs and Negative self-talk

How do we work out what you need?

For you to get the best results possible, it's important for us to know exactly where you're at as well as the root causes of any issues that you're experiencing. To do that, I use 3 main tools:

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology)

My absolute favourite tool of all time.

Kinesiology helps to pinpoint and treat many disorders in a really effective way. It shows us what’s happening for you personally, as well as what the priority treatments and supplements are for you right now. The result is that you feel better much more quickly, and this also means fewer pills and potions, and a much happier YOU!

Lab and Pathology Testing

You may already have Lab test results from your GP, which is great. If needed, we can also request further testing. This may include blood testing, Saliva Hormone testing, Hair testing and Urinary testing to assess things like hormones, toxins, brain chemicals and essential minerals.

Experienced understanding of your symptoms and what they mean

This comes after years of study and even more years of seeing my fabulous patients in the clinic. It comes from listening to you and researching your symptoms, as well as knowing what will work for each person and their particular situation. There’s also a good dose of intuition in there as well!

What tools do I use?

Specific Supplements, Herbs and Nutrients that your unique body needs to thrive and heal

Lifestyle and Dietary changes (only if you need them!)

Life-Coaching sessions to help you uncover and change unwanted thoughts and clear limiting beliefs

Neuro Emotional Technique (a Kinesiology-based technique) to help you clear Traumas, Triggers and “Emotional baggage”

Leanne is a warm, friendly, personable, and humorous presenter. I found the workshop to be informative and it was a fun evening. I liked the questionnaire that Leanne provided. Leanne gave direct information as we went through each section of the questionnaire answers. We could easily make sense of our own situation in relation to health and hormone functioning. The information provided was really helpful. I liked how at the end of the evening we could book an appointment to see Leanne for a one-on-one consultation. The discounted rate offered was a nice bonus - and gratefully received!


Leanne's workshop was simple and easy to understand, there is so much information out there that it is sometimes difficult to know which path to choose. I learnt that with correct eating, herbs and medication there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. Great session. Leanne is a very knowledge and caring person. Recommend the sessions to anyone out there who is battling weight, hormone or depression - good to realise that you're not the only one with these problems.


Before seeing Leanne I was struggling with anxiety and generally feeling low. I had previously taken antidepressants to manage my anxiety. Leanne's recommended health plan has not only helped to manage my anxiety but also to live an antidepressant free life. I feel more empowered to be in tune with my health, body, mind and spirit. The best part of seeing Leanne is building trust between health practitioner and client. Leanne truly aims to listen and then deliver. If you are in doubt, see Leanne and discover a unique approach to health, focused on whole wellbeing and long-term management. As a client, I truly valued Leanne's calm and caring approach, truly personable.


Leanne Stockwell

I have a passion for working with women in their 30's, 40's and 50's. I love helping them restore their energy, balance out their mood swings, sleep better, move more easily through hormonal changes, drop unwanted kilos, and clear stress and overwhelm from their lives. I also love working with children and getting to the bottom of their allergies and behavioural and learning challenges.

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