Balancing Your Hormones

Getting started...

Welcome to this 5-part video series from Leanne.  The info in here is really important for you.  And even though we often KNOW what to do, sometimes we forget, or we just don't do it.  So, putting these tips into practice will help you greatly on your quest to balance your Hormones and feel amazing again!

VIDEO #1 - Chlorophyll

In this video, you'll discover one of my secret weapons to balance Oestrogen and gently detox your body.

VIDEO #2 - Hydration

This video is all about WATER...what type you should be drinking, what type NOT to drink, when to drink, how to drink it, what to add to it and why it is so important for you, everyday.

VIDEO #3 - Sugar

In this video, you'll discover why SUGAR is your enemy and what else you need to be eating to start balancing your Hormones

VIDEO #4 - Move

In video 4, we talk about exercise. Don't be scared! It's all about MOVING more, not going crazy and turning into a gym diva!

VIDEO #5 - Smile

In video 5 we focus on mindset, and how this plays a big part in how you feel, and what you can achieve on a daily basis...this is a good one xx