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A Better You is a specialised Naturopathic clinic in Arana Hills, Brisbane - with a strong emphasis on Kinesiology. Our focus is to get you WELL and keep you at OPTIMUM health.

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Judy, Corporate Coach

“Leanne is a caring and experienced naturopath who has supported me for several years. I am now free of a long-term health issue due to a series of Kinesiology treatments which addressed the cause rather than the symptom. We are currently addressing long-term back pain which is starting to resolve. This practice supports my philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive about my health.”

Leanne´s Blog

Ever wondered if your hormones are out of balance?

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Why Your Thyroid may be responsible for your symptoms even if a blood test says it’s fine.

The amazing women that I see in my practice on a daily basis are often  struggling with things like weight issues, tiredness, poor sleep, heavy periods, hot flushes, digestive issues, hair loss, … [Read More...]