Hormone Balancing


Lesson 4

Right, Hi lovely ladies, this week is all about Exercise...so, how are things for you in the exercise department? The Key is consistency, not “fits and starts”.

It has definitely been proven that regular exercise has a huge impact (for the better) on our hormones and general wellbeing....So...if you’re not doing it, Let’s Go!!

What do you need to do?

Something 3 - ­4 times per week would be great. Perhaps a regular routine on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then something a bit different/fun on the weekend.

Now, you don’t need to go out and go crazy, just something basic that you like. The best things to get you moving are either, walking / jogging, riding or swimming. Pick one that you like and do it 3 days per week. A 30 minute walk is great, or a 30 minute ride, or a 5km jog (not sure how long this takes!!). And if you like to swim try building up from 10 laps to 20 laps.There is some great research out now on the fat­burning and health benefits of High Intensity Interval training. Here’s a great link from Dr Mercola on the benefits and how it works: ​Mercola - Peak Fitness​​​

You can do your own mini version of Interval training by popping out for a walk and do a mixture of “walk­run­walk” with the “run” component being approx 100metres and the “walk” being approx 200. This way you can build up slowly and play with it a bit. This kind of training only needs to be about 20 minutes in total.

And on the weekend you might do something completely different....bushwalking with the family, roller­skating, a walk on the treadmill or a ride with the kids, or a yoga or pilates session.

Now, I want you to be accountable to someone other than me...so find someone you can discuss what you’re doing each week with. It might be your partner or a girlfriend or even your Personal Trainer. You may even have a walking or jogging partner. But outline your plan to that person and make sure you stay accountable to them ☺

Talk soon

If you need me, ring me on 0418 750 039 or go back to the home page and click on MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. This way you can pop in your details and we can chat with you online to work out where to go from here.

Leanne xx

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