Hormone Balancing


Lesson 2

Hydration - The importance of good quality Water

Hello lovelies and welcome to week 2. Yes, this is all about staying Hydrated, and YES, it is so important in the whole “hormone balance” equation.

When you are properly hydrated you have more energy, you feel happier and you crave much less sweets and carbs, not to mention that your brain functions better and so do your Hormones in general.

So, if you already drink 1­-2 litres of good quality water (filtered or spring) per day, then well done and KEEP DOING IT ☺

If you don’t, we need to work on it...here’s some ways..

If you don’t like the taste of water – try adding the juice of half a Lime or Lemon to your bottle or jug of water for the day – tastes great, improves your digestion, alkalises your body, reduces inflammation and cleanses your Liver.

Try having a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon (great in Winter)

Sip your water throughout the day...gulping a glass at a time is not the best way to hydrate
your cells.

For coffee and tea drinkers, always follow a cup of coffee or tea with a glass of water to
re­hydrate and try to limit coffee to 1 per day and tea to approximately 2 per day.

If you want even better results from your body from the water that you drink then try
adding a pinch of high quality Sea Salt to your water for the day...your cells will love it, not
to mention your metabolism ☺

OK girls, have a great week and “go forth and drink” !!

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Leanne xx

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