Hormone Balancing


Lesson 1

Getting Started with Balancing Your Hormones and your Cycle

Hello and Welcome to Week one!! So glad you’re here. And if you are here, I’m going to assume that you’ve been having some problems with your cycle and not feeling great, so let’s get you started and get your MOJO back!!

First and foremost, I want you to take Liquid Chlorophyll. After 12 years of working with women and their hormones, I have found that this is one of THE BEST things to start the process of getting your body working better.

Chlorophyll is a green liquid which is usually made from Alfala. It has a pleasant minty taste and is SO easy to take.

What will it do for you

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    It will help to give your Lymphatic System, your Liver and your Kidneys a gentle detox
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    It will help to improve your energy, get rid of excess fluid in your body, and help you to have a deeper sleep. Sounds good doesn’t it??
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    It will also help to keep you body more “alkaline” which promotes better health, more energy and a faster metabolism.

When you’re feeling premenstrual, bloated, heavy, grumpy and tired, your Liver is under stress and basically can’t do ALL of its jobs as well as it should. One of the main jobs of your Liver is to metabolise and detoxify your hormones each month

This is where Chlorophyll comes in. It takes the “load” off the Liver and allows it to work much more efficiently, which in turn means you will feel happier, healthier and more balanced.

What you need to do

So....your job is to pop into your local health store (or supermarkets often have it now) and grab a bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll (my favourite brand is Nature’s Sunshine) but get what you can. Then, take 5-­10 mls every morning with half a small glass of water. That’s it!!

If you forget to take it in the morning, then do it any time that day.

Have a great week...​

If you need me, ring me on 0418 750 039 or go back to the home page and click on MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. This way you can pop in your details and we can chat with you online to work out where to go from here.

Leanne xx

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