Bio MT Training Workshop for Practitioners

  • Do you ever have those tricky patients where it’s really hard to work out what’s going on?
  • Are there times when you just want more answers, more quickly?
  • Do you have patients who can’t afford expensive testing immediately, but you really need to know more about what’s happening for them right now?
  • Do you ever wish that you had a quick and easy process for working out nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities?
  • Do some of your patients bring you “buckets” of supplements and ask you what they should and shouldn’t be taking?
  • Do you ever struggle with what to work on first? What the priority really is for your patient?
  • What if you could take out a huge amount of the guesswork in your consults?

What if you could…..

— easily and quickly confirm your intuition and back up what you were already suspecting and thinking?

— feel even more confident about exactly what you were prescribing, even before any lab testing has been done?

— help your patients get results even faster?

— set yourself apart from other praccies in your area and have everyone talking about you and referring to you?

…...by simply adding Bio-Chemical Muscle Testing to your toolkit? 

What is Bio MT?

Bio-Chemical Muscle Testing (Bio-MT for short) is a simple Kinesiology-based technique using muscle testing and Homeopathic testing vials. It has originated from practitioners using Applied Kinesiology to test and screen their patients on a physical, structural and emotional level.

Muscle testing and Kinesiology has been around since the 1960’s, when Chiropractor George Goodhart started to use muscle testing to evaluate muscle performance. It’s grown in leaps and bounds since then, and is used in many different forms by health care practitioners today.

What are the benefits for practitioners? 


  • Having a new tool that takes out the guesswork with your tricky cases
  • Streamlining your practice with an easy-to-use and cost-effective screening technique that your patients will love
  • Feeling more confident and totally “in flow” with your process in clinic
  • Getting lots of new referrals because what you do is unique AND it gets fast results for your patients

As holistic practitioners, we know that the body holds all of the answers. Bio-Chemical Muscle Testing allows us to essentially tap into all of the body's systems and then get feedback about what’s really going on under the surface.

It’s a wonderful tool that you can use with all of your patients, to simply and accurately assess what’s happening for them, physically and biochemically.

It allows you to find the priority supplements and the priority treatment plan for each patient with ease and accuracy.

Bio MT helps you to assess things like nutritional deficiencies, organ weaknesses, hormonal imbalances, toxins, bugs, stress levels, food intolerances and more.

The Bio MT technique combines Muscle Monitoring and Homeopathic test vials, and is taught over 2 days of interactive training with loads of practice time, and most of all, loads of fun!

What Can I expect from the Bio MT Course?

  • Lots of support and guidance over 2 full days as you learn and become really confident in this technique.
  • Explanations and demonstrations of each test that you will do in an Initial patient visit.
  • Confidence to implement your new skills immediately with your patients.
  • Lots of practise time to allow you to tweak your skills.
  • Wonderful connections with other praccies.
  • 14 CPE points.

What's Included?

  • 2-day interactive workshop with time to listen, learn, implement and ask questions.
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand workbook containing notes and testing procedures.
  • Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee on both days.
  • A “Starter-Kit” of 100 testing vials (valued at $295) containing the vials you might need to test for in an Initial visit.
  • A Follow up Zoom webinar to consolidate what you've learnt and ask questions
  • A certificate of Completion at the end of the weekend.

Dates & Locations for 2021

Don’t miss out! Sign up ASAP so you don’t miss this amazing workshop!


Sat 17th - Sunday 18th April 2021 . Venue to be confirmed.



  • Early bird price: $1000.00
  • Early Bird ends 2nd April
  • Split payments available 

Sat 4th - Sunday 5th September 2021. Venue to be confrimed.



  • Early bird price: $1000.00
  • Early Bird ends 20th August
  • Split payments available

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t learnt Muscle testing or Kinesiology before. Can I still do this course?

Absolutely. You will learn all that you need to know for testing your clients over the 2 days.

I’m not sure if I can afford the cost upfront?

It’s OK, remember that you can pay in several installments, and you can get in touch with me if you’re having any problems.

How long are the days?

Good question! Saturday is 8.30-5.30 (a longer day) and Sunday is 8.30-3.30 (in case some need to travel)

Will there be lots of “question time"?

Yes, definitely. There will be time during our practice sessions and also when we finish on Sunday, I’ll be hanging around for an hour or 2 for questions and catch-ups.

Where exactly is each course being held?

Venues are still to be confirmed, but each venue will be easily accessible.

Are you running this course in other states or cities?

Yes, that IS the plan….we just don’t have firm dates and locations yet, so stay tuned.

I can’t wait to connect with you and share this wonderful technique!
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About Leanne Stockwell

Leanne, director at A Better You, has been a Naturopath, Herbalist and Coach for the past 15 years, and first learnt Bio-Chemical muscle testing from her friend and colleague, Steve Rigby, a Chiropractor in Brisbane.

She then went on to learn from many others who practised Applied Kinesiology, and now uses these testing techniques with her patients on a daily basis.

Leanne has developed her own successful protocol for screening her patients, and has built an amazing following of loyal clients over the years who benefit amazingly from this technique.

It has streamlined her practice and made each consult much more relaxed and fun!

 I’d like to know more about you, Leanne 

We are also proudly supported by Suzanne (Suzy) Labrie from Pure Health Solutions

Dr Suzanne Labrie is the Director of Pure Health Chiropractic Clinic in Summer Hill, Sydney and Pure Health Solutions in Australia.

She is a respected Chiropractor with more than 20 years’ experience.  She uses Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and biochemical balancing, along with standard chiropractic treatments in her clinical practice.

Suzy has a scientific background in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and a passion for optimum health and holistic healing.

Her company, Pure Health Solutions is also supplying the testing kits that you will be receiving as a part of the Bio MT course.